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Do you have investments held directly with Fidelity Personal Investing?  Take action to avoid the £90 Investor Fee

Do you have investments held directly with Fidelity Personal Investing? Take action to avoid the £90 Investor Fee

If you have investments held directly with Fidelity, without Seymour Sinclair as your Agent, you may have recently received a letter from them informing you that your Fees have increased.

Fidelity Personal Investing introduced an Investor Fee on the 1st February 2023, amounting to £90.00 a year for any customers with an account with them that is below £25,000.00 in value.

If you received this letter and the Fee applies to you, we are happy to move your Fidelity Account onto the FundsNetwork Platform.  You total annual fees will remain at 0.35% per annum but we will not charge the £90.00.  There is no charge for moving the account and the FundsNetwork Platform provides all the benefits of the Fidelity Platform including the tools to buy, sell and switch at no cost.

In Addition clients will benefit from the Seymour Sinclair Personal Investing Service. We are a small team of experts so if you have a question or would like us to make a transaction on your account, you can simply call or email.

Move your Fidelity Personal Investing Account to FundsNetwork:

To move your Fidelity Account held directly with Fidelity to FundsNetwork please just contact us with the following information:

1)  Full name
2)  Date of Birth
3)  National Insurance Number
4)  Fidelity Account Number (if known)

Your Account Number and details will not change.

Call 020 8870 7072 or email if you require any further information

  • Please Note that if you are with FundsNetwork this Fee does not apply to you.  Your account will be held directly with Fidelity and you will have received a letter from them informing you of this charge.


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