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EF 8AM Tactical Growth Portfolio Fund

The Tactical Growth fund is run by Alastair George who has 15 years financial services experience as a fund manager, risk arbitrageur and investment strategist.

Investment objective:

The objective of the Fund is to provide long term capital appreciation. The Fund will seek to achieve its investment objective through investment in a diversified portfolio of collective investment schemes, transferable securities (including investment trusts), warrants, deposits and money market instruments.

The fund is unconstrained and can invest globally across asset classes and investment strategies in search of the best risk/reward investment ideas. The fund can for example invest in short-term merger arbitrage ideas but also equity value opportunities which may play out over a number of years. Importantly, the fund is not benchmarked against a market index and can hold a significant proportion of its assets in cash or other lower-risk investments, in the absence of sufficiently compelling opportunities.

There is a strong focus on capital preservation which will suit the cautious investor, although the fund is equally able to dynamically shift the asset allocation should a growth opportunity arise. With this fund we acknowledge that volatility is not constant but can shift over time. Therefore the aim is to lean towards investing more aggressively when volatility and perceived risk is high as this is often when prices are overly discounted. In turn, this strategy necessitates a strong understanding of the intrinsic value of any investment and the dynamics of the economic cycle from our fund manager.

Fund Name EF 8AM Tactical Growth Portfolio Fund
Fund Manager(s) Alastair George
Launch Date 24 April 2013
Offer Closes closed
Product Type OEIC
Available as an ISA Yes
Distribution Frequency Semi- Annual
XD Dates January, July
Pricing Frequency Daily
Historic Yield 1.36%
Share Class A (Inc)- FundsNetwork Only
Fund Charges
Initial charge: 0%
Fund Manager Ongoing Charge: 1.62%
Total Service Fee p.a. 0.43%


EF 8AM Tactical Growth Portfolio - (KIID)


EF 8AM Tactical Growth Portfolio - Factsheet


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