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Need help selecting your ISA investments,

unit trusts and OEIC Funds


Find the fund you wish to invest in and compare up to 4 funds

Just enter the Fund Manager and fund you wish to invest in and click on the Add to Table button.

Click on the Fund Name on the Compare Table to get all the Fund Facts.

Should you wish to compare funds before investing just enter the Fund Managers and funds you are interested in and click the Add to Table button again. Add up to 4 funds then press on the Compare button to see all the facts and figures to help you make an informed decision before investing.

Our comprehensive Fund Research tool, powered by FundsNetwork, lets you search, select and sort a huge range of fund information for UK Unit Trusts and OEICs, including bid offer pricing, charges, a breakdown of the fund, dividend history and performance over the past 5 years.

The information is provided by Morningstar and applies to both Cofunds and FundsNetwork Platform investments.

Compare table - you can add up to 4 funds in this table to compare

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