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 Monthly Income Portfolio

It makes sense to invest across a range of funds and markets, as diversification helps reduce risk. If you are a new investor or looking for a simple starting point then our ready-made fund selections might help.

The Monthly Income Portfolio’s objective is to provide an income from a mix of different asset classes and designed to produce a good level of high regular income with the potential of capital growth and keep pace with inflation.  The Portfolio has a mix of fixed interest and equity assets.  This is important to help cater for market fluctuations in a particular asset class and help towards capital preservation.  Based on the past income payments of the listed funds, the yield for this portfolio is projected to be 4.83 (as at 19/01/18).

Please remember however, that any income yields quoted are not guaranteed and are not a reliable indicator for future returns.  Investors in this Portfolio must be willing to accept some short term fluctuations in the value of their investments. Yields will fluctuate and so income from investments is variable and not guaranteed. You may not get back the amount originally invested.

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Investment CompanyFUND YIELD % 1 year % 3 years % 5 years %
artemisHigh Income 5.308.9020.5041.40
axaMonthly Income4.1515.3038.3085.10
jupiterMonthly Income4.509.9034.4060.10
PremierMonthly Income4.0011.0034.7072.30
schrodersHigh Yield Opportunities6.2210.1029.9045.00


Please read the Key Investor Information Document for each fund:

Click the links below to view the Key Investor Information Documents (KIID).

Artemis High Income Fund (KIID) Document
Axa Framlington Mopnthly Income Fund (KIID) Document
Jupiter Monthly Income Fund (KIID) Document
Premier Monthly Income Fund (KIID) Document
Schroder High Yield Opportunities Fund (KIID) Document

The Seymour Sinclair Portfolios are designed for consideration by investors who are seeking a combination of funds which offer diversification across different asset classes. These suggested portfolios are not financial advice or personal recommendations and you should be sure of their suitability to you before investing.

You remain in charge of your own investment portfolio and you must continue to monitor the funds you have selected to decide if the portfolios remain suitable for you. You may customise your portfolio by deciding different percentage (%) allocations to each fund or by removing funds or adding your own choice of funds. This is a foundation to start a portfolio that you manage yourself. If we make any changes to our suggested fund choices they will NOT automatically be reflected in your portfolio – you would need to instruct us accordingly. If you are unhappy to make your own investment decisions please seek Financial Advice.

How to Invest in a Ready-Made Portfolio

In order to invest in one of our Ready-Made Portfolios, you can either select the portfolio online using Cofunds or by using either a Cofunds or FundsNetwork pre-populated application form.

Invest Online

To Invest Online follow the link below and follow the simple instructions.

1) Personal Details – Enter your personal details.

2)  Product & Funds Details – Fund Filter

  • Select Model Portfolios
  • Model Portfolio Type – Select Firm
  • Model Portfolio – Select your Portfolio of choice
  • Fund Selection – Enter investment amount

For full instructions on how to make an investment online please follow the link below.

Only Cofunds provides this service.  You will need your National Insurance Number and a debit card (please note you cannot use a credit card).

How to make an online investment using Cofunds

Postal Application

Download the Platform Business Investment application form and send to Seymour Sinclair Investments using our FREEPOST address –

Seymour Sinclair Investments Limited
2 Blade Mews, London SW15 2NF

Please be sure to read the specific fund Key Information Investor Document (KIID) for each of the funds listed and the Seymour Sinclair Terms and Conditions of Business before investing. For further details of how to make a postal application please follow the link below:

Monthly Income Portfolio Platform Business Investment Application form
Seymour Sinclair Terms and Conditions of Business

Should you wish to Transfer your ISAs or Switch your existing ISAs or Unit Trust/OEICs into the Monthly Income Portfolio, please contact the office and we will supply the necessary application forms. Call 020 8870 7072 or send an email detailing your requirements to