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Outlined below is an update on the various funds we wrote about in our last newsletter.


Fundsmith Equity Fund – Growth

Last year we wrote to our customers about this fund and it proved to be a popular choice for those looking for long term capital growth.

Fundsmith is a fund management company established in 2010 by Terry Smith. Terry continues to work his magic and the fund picked up six industry awards for recognition of it’s performance and simple investment approach.  The business is 100% owned and controlled by it’s partners who have worked closely together over many years.  It has total UK Retail and Institutional Funds under Management as at March 2017 of over £10.245 billion.

This is one of the strongest options for investors seeking exposure to high quality global equities.  Smith’s investment philosophy is to buy and hold, ideally forever, high quality businesses that will continually compound in value.

The performance has been stellar since launch and the fact that Terry ploughed an additional £120 million of his own spare cash into the fund during the year, taking his personal interest in the fund to over £200 million, can give investors a big vote of confidence in the portfolio of global blue chip companies he holds.

Data provided by Cofunds as at 21/09/17

Fund Type: OEIC
Group Name: Fundsmith
Sector: IA Global
Asset Class: Equity
Fund Launch: 01/11/2010
Fund Size: £11928.29m (20/09/2017)
Available as an ISA: Yes
Annual Management Charge: 0.90%
Trustee / Depositary: State Street Trustees Limited


This is a global equity fund aimed at those investors looking for capital growth rather than income.  The fund takes advantage of those stocks that are likely to perform well, that have strong balance sheets and are known globally to consumers.  Overall, this is a portfolio with long term investment horizon which can be used as a core global holding which is likely to be more defensive than some of it’s more tactical sector peers.

Available on the Cofunds & FundsNetwork Platforms 



Jupiter Monthly Income Fund
Historic Income Yield 4.40%p.a. paid monthly

This fund has been part of our Monthly Income Portfolio
since we first introduced them three years ago.
It has consistently produced 
a high income yield
with the added benefit of capital appreciation.

Jupiter has, for many years, been one of the favoured fund managers due to their consistency of fund performance over most sectors. The Monthly Income Fund aims to achieve a high level of sustainable income, with the prospects of capital growth.  To attain this, the Manager, Richard Curling and his UK growth team, takes a somewhat different approach from it’s peers.  It is essentially a fund of investment trusts, but the portfolio is also around 10-15% invested in high-yield income bonds.invests in various classes of investment companies such as Investment Trusts and fixed interest securities.

Data provided by Cofunds as at 21/9/17

Fund Type: Unit Trust
Group Name: Jupiter Unit Trust Mgrs Ltd
Sector: IA UK Equity & Bond Income
Asset Class: Mixed Asset
Fund Launch: 01/03/2000
Fund Size: £163.02m (31/08/2017)
Available as an ISA: Yes
Annual Management Charge: 0.75%
Trustee / Depositary: National Westminster Bank plc


The fund is aimed at those investors looking for high yielding monthly income well over that which is available from typical deposit accounts.

Available on the Cofunds & FundsNetwork Platforms


Polar Capital European (ex UK) Income Fund
Historic Income Yield 3.50%p.a. paid quarterly

Polar Capital is one of the Uk’s best small boutique fund managers and one whose funds are consistently in the top quartile within their sectors.

Many of our clients are asking for an alternative fund to Woodford Equity Income, as it has for some time now underperformed the sector average and has suffered badly from some high profile stock selections that have worked against the manager’s expectations.

The Polar Capital European (ex UK) Income Fund is a fund that will benefit from any future income and growth within the European markets.  It is a relatively new fund and it’s investment objective is to deliver strong, long-term risk adjusted returns to achieve both income and capital growth by investing in companies that are incorporated, headquartered, or exercise a significant part of their economic activities in the European markets.

The fund is performing well. 1.5% ahead of it’s benchmark on an annualised basis and comfortably in the top quartile of it’s Lipper peer group since inception.  Although the ranking in the sectors is low, this is an income fund whereas most others are growth only.

Data provided by Cofunds as at 21/09/17

Fund Type: OEIC
Group Name: Polar Capital
Sector: IA Europe Excluding UK
Asset Class: Equity
Fund Launch: 30/06/2015
Fund Size: €178.69m (01/09/2017)
Available as an ISA: Yes
Annual Management Charge: 0.75%
Trustee / Depositary: Northern Trust Fiduciary Services (Ireland) Limited

Polar Capital European Income Fund could be considered a good alternative to Woodford as it has not only performed well since it’s launch; it also pays an income yield of 3.50%p.a. so giving the ideal fund management requirements of both income and capital growth.


Available on the Cofunds & FundsNetwork Platforms or Direct



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