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Premier Miton European Opportunities Fund

The Investment objective of the LF Miton European Opportunities Fund is to achieve a combination of income and growth.

To achieve a combination of income and growth. The fund will invest at least 80% in the shares of European companies with a bias toward medium sized companies with a market capitalisation of between £2 billion and £15 billion. The fund may also invest in large and small sized companies, other funds and cash.

The managers aim to achieve growth by employing a consistent investment strategy over time. The managers believe that superior long-term earnings growth of companies equals superior long-term share price performance.

Key Points:

  • Able to invest across the full range of large, medium and small sized companies but will have a bias to medium sized companies.
  • Focus on individual companies and the global markets they operate in, rather than the European economic outlook.
  • Favouring companies that can create value through a combination of growth in revenues and profit margins, and where their potential to create value is currently not reflected in the share price.
  • Long term investment horizon.
  • Employing a consistent investment strategy over the long-term rather than reacting to stockmarket fads.



Fund Name LF Premier Miton European Opportunities
Fund Manager(s) Carlos Moreno, Thomas Brown
Launch Date 14th December 2015
Offer Period Closed
Product Type OEIC (UK)
Available as an ISA Yes
Distribution Frequency Accumulation only
XD Dates November
Pricing Frequency Daily
Fund Size £1,795.2m
Share Class B Class
Available through FundsNetwork & Aegon Yes
Fund Charges
Initial charge: 0.00%
Fund Manager Ongoing Charge: B Class - 0.84%
Total Service Fee p.a. 0.43%


Premier Miton European Opportunities Fund (KIID) Document


Premier Miton European Opportunities Fund Factsheet


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