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ISA Transfer Guide

Transferring one ISA Provider to Another

If you have ISAs at a provider you are no longer happy with, are looking to consolidate your investments, or want to transfer between cash ISAs and stocks and shares ISAs, the new ISA rules give you total flexibility to do this. Remember, transferring previous tax year ISAs to a new provider does not count as a new ISA contribution, so if you have built up a number of ISAs with several providers over the years, bringing them together under one roof is an easy way to gain control and ensure they keep working in line with your objectives and risk appetite.

Benefits of transferring your ISA –

Via a Platform:

  • Huge range of funds available
  • Nil Initial Charges
  • Only 0.20%p.a. Agent Fee
  • 0.25%p.a. Platform Fee
  • Low Annual Management Fee
  • Easy to Transfer
  • Revitalise your investments
Investing Direct:

  • Huge range of funds available
  • Nil Initial Charges
  • No Agent Fee
  • No Platform Fee
  • Typical 1.5% Annual Management Charge
  • Easy to Transfer
  • Revitalise your investments

There are many reasons why you might wish to transfer your ISA, poor investment performance, change of fund manager, requirement of income rather than growth or vice versa. The benefit of this service is that you can still take advantage of purchasing funds without any initial charges, and you can take the opportunity to ensure that the new funds you are investing in are right for your current circumstances and your attitude to risk and reward.

How do I go about transferring my ISA?

Simply call the office in 020 8870 7072 or email and we will post or email you the relevant transfer application and letter of authority forms. Once completed, return the forms to us and your part of the job is done.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for an ISA Transfer online as a signature is required.

You will need to know:

  • The investment company and fund or the Cash ISA you wish transfer from – You may want to check with your ISA provider if there are any charges for transferring out.
  • Whether you wish to use a Platform ie Cofunds or FundsNetwork or transfer directly to a new investment company.
  • The investment company and fund you wish to transfer to

If you hold investments that are currently outside an ISA, you can also transfer these and convert them to an ISA as part of your allowance each year. This process is called a Bed & ISA. Please call the office for further information.


Here to help

If you want help transferring your ISA investments we are waiting to take your call.

020 8870 7072

We’re here Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5pm.