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Cut the Cost of Your Fees



What do you pay for your Annual Management Charges?


Are your Fund Charges eating into your Returns?


Are you aware of the hidden charges?


If you’re an investor with an ISA, Unit Trust or OEIC investment I am sure your primary concern will be it’s performance.  However, fund prices aren’t all you should be worrying about.  Are you aware that the charges you have to pay with investment funds can have a significant impact on your returns.


Combined Platform & Broker Fees
Rate p.a.
Fees you pay (£) per annum on
£20,000 NISA
Extra Fees and Charges
Seymour Sinclair Investments –













No Extra Fees

Hargreaves Lansdown
0.45% £90.00 Own Platform – Vantage
Regular Investing – £1.50 Charge
Dividends Reinvested over £10 – 1%
Exit Fees – £25.00 per holding
Account Closure – £30.00 Charge
6 month statements by post £10.
Commshare 0.47% £94.00 0.47% through Cofunds
0.49% through FundsNetwork
iWeb *0.50% £100 *This is an average rate based on a £200 one off fee
to open an account and £5 per trade thereafter. Dividends reinvested – 2% (max £5)
Chelsea Financial Services 0.60% £120.00 Uses Cofunds 
Financial Discounts Direct 0.68% £103.63 Uses Cofunds
ISA Ltd 0.70% £136.00 0.70% through Cofunds
0.75% through FundsNetwork
+ £45.00 FundsNetwork Investor Fee
TQInvest 0.75% £150.00  0.75% through Cofunds
0.79% through FundsNetwork
Interactive Investor *1.00% £200.00 *Average based on £20 per quarter.
First two trades free but £10 per trade thereafter.
Regular investing – £1.50
Exit Fees – £15.00 per holding
Nutmeg 1.00% £200.00  £10 – £12 per trade
Online only – No postal business
The Share Centre *1.58% £316.00 Average based on £57.60 Annual Fee
+ Transaction Fee per deal – 1% (min £7.50)
Alliance Trust Savings *2.15% £430.00  *Average based on a £75 annual fee
£12.50 per trade
Regular investing – £1.50
Dividends reinvested – £5.00
Exit Fees – £120.00

*Please note that the percentage above is based on the Agent Fee and/or Platform Fee. It does not include the fund manager charges.

This table was created by Seymour Sinclair Investments after much research however we cannot be held liable or accommodate for any errors. This is a guideline on the charges made by our competitors but we would recommend you do your own research.

Seymour Sinclair Investments offer one of the best charging structures available.
Compare the Annual Charges on the table above and see how we can reduce your Fees.

IF YOU have invested using either cofunds or Fundsnetwork with another broker

This would be a simple Change of Platform Agency

Seymour Sinclair Investments uses both Cofunds and FundsNetwork as their Platforms as they both offer our clients simplicity  and exceptional value.  We have negotiated a low Platform Charge with both companies and there is NO Investor Fee with FundsNetwork.  Compare the Charges on the table above to see what you are currently with your Agent/Broker.  If are Charges are lower please just complete the “Change of Platform Agency” Form and send it to the Freepost address below:

Seymour Sinclair Investments Limited
2 Blade Mews, London SW15 2NF

Change of Platform Agency Form

If you invested through another platform

This would be a Re-Registration

If you have your investments with another Platform please compare the charges on the table provided to see what you are currently paying compared to the Seymour Sinclair Charges.  We are more competitive than the following companies:

Hargreaves Lansdown                Alliance Trust Savings                     Willis Owen
iWeb                                           Interactive Investor                            ISA Ltd
Nutmeg                                       The Share Centre

It’s easy to re-register.  Just choose which Platform you wish to move your investments to – Cofunds or FundsNetwork  – and complete the Re-registration form.  The new Platform will do all the work for you.  There are no charges for this Service and whilst the re-registration process is being carried out, your money stays exactly as you hold it now, invested in the same funds and managed by the same companies.  To find out more on Re-registrations follow the link :  Read more

Simply complete the chosen Platform Re-Registration Form and send to Seymour Sinclair using the Freepost address provided:

Seymour Sinclair Investments Limited
2 Blade Mews, London SW15 2NF

Cofunds ISA Re-registration Form
Cofunds Non-ISA Re-registration Form

FundsNetwork Re-registration Form
FundsNetwork Letter of Authority


This is also a Re-Registration

Investing directly with the Investment Company you will have paid typically an annual management charge (AMC) of 1.50%p.a.  Re-register through oursleves via either the Cofunds or FundsNetwork Platforms and we can reduce these Fees to just 1.20%p.a.


Cofunds ISA Re-registration Form
Cofunds Non-ISA Re-registration Form

FundsNetwork Re-registration Form
FundsNetwork Letter of Authority

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Remember that the value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and that past performance is no guarantee of future returns.  Key Feature documents give full details of aims, risks and charges – these should be read before you invest.  Whilst we provide product information, guidance and fund research, we cannot know which of these products or funds, if any, are suitable for your particular requirements and must leave that judgement to you.  Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.  If you are unsure about the suitability of an investment, you should seek expert financial advice.