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Why you should invest using a Platform


Seymour Sinclair Investments is an execution only investment service provider, offering savings on investment charges and provides a collection of tools and services that you can use to arrange, manage and track your investments more easily.

Using a Platform allows you to hold all your investments in one place and manage them at any time using our online services.  As a leading provider of Execution Only investment services we offer over 3,400 investment funds from all the main investment companies.

  • No Initial Charge on all funds – Saving you up to 5.50%
  • No Switching Fees
  • No Top Up Fees
  • Valuation and fund monitoring included
  • £25 Cashback bonus from Seymour Sinclair for Re-Registration on investments over £10,000

Annual management fees


Seymour Sinclair Agent Fee  –    0.20% p.a.
Platform Fee                             –    0.23% p.a. Cofunds / 0.25%p.a. FundsNetwork
Fund Manager Fee                  –    0.75% p.a. (Typical Fee)

How the Service & Platform Charges are collected


Cofunds will collect both their Platform Charge and our Service Charge from your Cofunds Cash Account each month.

At the beginning of each month Cofunds will work out the charges for the previous month, using the daily balance of your portfolio.

If there is enough money in your Cash Account, Cofunds will ring-fence their Platform Charge and our Service Charge.  If there isn’t enough in your Cash Account they will sell a number of units in the largest commission free fund you hold.  If you do not want these charges to be taken in this way then you can keep enough monies into your Cash Account to cover any charges.

Cofunds will take the charges from your Cash Account two business days before the last Thursday of the month.

The deduction of the Platform Charge and our Service Charge will appear on your statements and transaction history.


FundsNetwork will collect both their Platform Charge and our Service Charge on a monthly basis from the sale of units, normally from your largest holding, rather than from a reduction in the fund unit price.

The Service Fee is calculated on a monthly basis against the value of you clean share class investments held at midnight on the first of the month.

The Fees will be collected via unit deductions on or around the 15th day of each month. The deductions will be made from your nominated fund or, where a nominated fund does not exist, the largest holding from the accruing account.

You will receive details of the fees that you’ve paid on your six-monthly statement and valuation. You will not receive an individual confirmation of transactions for fee reductions.